Terms and Conditions

 All credit card transactions will appear on your credit card statement as 7.62 Precision.



7.62 Precision requires a deposit of 50% of our quoted price upon receipt of your firearm or item for finish. This deposit may be waived for local customers if we have all required colors and templates in stock.

If the customer decides to cancel the finishing before any work is done, the deposit will be returned less the cost of any supplies that were purchased for the job and shipping costs. If work has been performed, the customer will be charged for the work that has been done.

Shipping of Firearms:

All firearms must be shipped to a federally licensed firearms dealer. 
We must have a signed copy of a current FFL prior to shipping. 
Firearms will be shipped only to the address printed on the FFL. 
Adult signature will be required for delivery. All packages are insured and delivery is confirmed.
If you are planning to ship a firearm to us, please contact us for options and instructions.
7.62 Precision will not ship any firearm or other item to any location where ownership, sale or transfer of that firearm is restricted by law.
7.62 Precision is not responsible for loss or damage that may occur during shipping.

Warranty Info

Although DuraCoat® finishes are more durable than any traditional finish, 7.62 Precision make no guarantee concerning the use of this product in any specific application or environment. 7.62 Precision is not responsible for wear or damage to your DuraCoat® finish due to normal use or abuse.

7.62 Precision will always attempt to clearly communicate to each client the results that may be expected; however all artwork is subjective in nature. 7.62 Precision is not responsible for misconceptions or misunderstandings concerning our patterns or custom artwork. While we will attempt to work through any such misunderstandings, the client is responsible to pay for any work that is already completed.

  1. A deposit may be due before custom work is started, and full payment is required before my firearm or accessories are returned. My firearm will be held as collateral until full payment is made. If payment is not made within six months from the date payment is due, I agree that my firearm is then forfeit and becomes the property of 7.62 Precision.
  2. I understand that 7.62 Precision makes no warranty concerning the results of the custom work, including, but not limited to, the look of camouflage patterns or artwork, durability of finishes, suitability of finish for any particular application, or safety, function, or reliability issues that result from the customization of my firearm.
  3. I understand that certain work may be required to prepare my firearm for custom work. This work may include disassembly, stripping finish or oil with chemicals, sandblasting parts, sanding, and masking. Sights and/or optics may have to be removed or adjusted and may lose zero as a result. I understand that due to age, use, damage, corrosion, or factory defect, some parts may fail during the disassembly/assembly process. I will not hold 7.62 Precision responsible for any damage that may occur during customization of my firearm.
  4. I understand that if, in the course of performing work on my firearm, 7.62 Precision finds that my firearm is currently in a dangerous condition for any reason, 7.62 Precision will not return the firearm until action has been taken to resolve or repair the unsafe condition. I agree to cover costs incurred during this process
    (7.62 Precision will not perform any work without first obtaining my approval).
  5. Firearm laws and regulations can be obscure and confusing at local, state, and federal levels. As a result, due to accident, negligence, or deliberate lawlessness, some firearms may exist that are not in compliance with firearm regulations. Therefore, if upon receipt of my firearm, 7.62 Precision finds that my firearm does not comply with applicable regulations, I agree to allow 7.62 Precision to take the necessary steps to resolve the situation and I agree to pay for any costs incurred. I understand that this may require any of the following steps:
    – removal or replacement of parts
    – removal of certain accessories
    – alteration of the firearm
    – surrender of the firearm or certain parts/accessories to the appropriate authorities.
    I understand that under no circumstances will 7.62 Precision knowingly return an illegal firearm to me.
  6. I take full responsibility to ensure that my firearm complies with my local and state laws. I understand that 7.62 Precision cannot return a firearm to a location in which ownership, transfer, or sale of that firearm is restricted. I agree to take full responsibility if
    7.62 Precision, despite all effort to ascertain legality, unknowingly returns a firearm that is restricted in my area by local or state ordinances.
  7. I understand that although a background check is not required by law for the return of my own firearm, 7.62 Precision may choose to perform a check if they feel that it is justified.
  8. I agree to pay all charges and costs for the work performed by
    7.62 Precision.
  9. I am not restricted in any way from owning this firearm.
    I have read and agree to the above Terms and Conditions.

Sale of Firearms:

7.62 Precision is a federally licensed firearms dealer. As such we are bound by all applicable federal, state, and local laws and ordinances. We believe in a strict interpretation of these laws and will not in any case become involved in a transaction that we feel is an attempt by any person to bypass or bend the law.

Firearms must be shipped to a federally licensed dealer who can then transfer the firearm to the purchaser. We must have a current copy of the dealer’s Federal Firearms License and will ship only to the physical address listed on the license. This dealer will then handle the required paperwork and background checks for the transfer of the firearm to the purchaser. Most dealers charge a small fee for this service. When checking out from our online store, you will be presented with a list of dealers who offer this service in your area.

Firearms that have been purchased from 7.62 Precision or from a third party and shipped to 7.62 Precision as the transfer agent must be picked up by/transferred to the purchaser/transferee within six months. Firearms untransferred after six months in the possession of 7.62 Precision are forfeit and become the property of 7.62 Precision and will be disposed of as 7.62 Precision feels is appropriate. 7.62 Precision is not responsible for the failure of any customer to pass a background check or provide the required documentation in order to legally acquire a firearm. Failure to provide necessary documentation or failure to pass a background check does not make the purchaser/transferee eligible for a refund.

Before Ordering:

Check all state and local laws to be sure that you may legally poses the firearm you plan to purchase. If you are unsure about the laws, call a local dealer for help in finding applicable regulations. Be aware that not all dealers will have a complete knowledge of current laws. Make sure you check the written laws before taking any second- hand advice.

Be sure that you may legally buy or posses the firearm. Age, criminal history, pending charges or restraining orders are some of the common circumstances that disqualify buyers from legally possessing a firearm.

You must be the actual purchaser. Purchasing a firearm for someone who cannot legally purchase it themselves is a federal crime with serious consequences. Do not allow yourself to be conned into risking your own rights to own firearms for someone who has already lost his. 
This offense carries serious fines, jail time, and a permanent record. People who have broken this law have also received mandatory sentences for the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime.

Be aware of the responsibility involved in owning a firearm. Like automobiles, firearms have the potential to cause great damage if used improperly. Whether you are a new shooter or have years of experience, we recommend that you find and attend a good firearms course relevant to the purpose for which you purchased the firearm.

We will be glad to help you find a qualified firearms instructor in your area. Be aware of state and local laws concerning transport, carry, and storage of your firearm. Educate children of all ages about the destructive capabilities of firearms and do not allow children to have access to firearms.

All firearm sales are final. Used firearms have no warranty unless specified. It is the responsibility of the manufacturers, not 7.62 Precision, to honor warranties on new firearms. While we may choose to help you with this process, we have no obligation to do so.

7.62 Precision is not responsible in any way for damage or injury resulting from the use or misuse, legal or illegal, of any firearm we sell. Buyers assume all responsibility and liability for any damage or injury to property, themselves, or others.

7.62 Precision makes no warranty concerning the products we sell. 
Issues with products must be dealt with by contacting the manufacturer.

We may require full or partial prepayment for custom builds or orders. Special orders are not refundable and may not be cancelled. Holsters special ordered from Israel require payment up front, may not be cancelled, and cannot be returned for a refund.

7.62 Precision is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft during shipment.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions as part of the purchase process, I, the purchaser, agree to initiate no credit or debit card chargeback nor will I dispute the charges, but agree to contact and work with 7.62 Precision directly to resolve any issue that may arise.

We do not accept returns on optics. Optics are a serious investment for most of our customers, and we have made a promise to our customers that we will not resell an optic that has been sent out, handled and used, and then returned.

We will assist any customer who has a warranty issue through the process of working with the manufacturer, but once an optic is out of our possession, we have no control over the handling, use, or abuse that it may experience, and therefore, we will not accept returns on optics, as we will not resell them once they have been out of our possession. If a customer purchases an optic and then later decides that he or she does not want the optic, then that customer should sell the optic personally, as we will not accept returns or offer refunds.

By purchasing an optic from 7.62 Precision, you agree to these terms.

7.62 Precision as a policy does not accept returns on holster purchases, except in the case of a manufacturing defect or failure. In these cases, a holster may be returned for replacement or for credit towards another holster. We cannot allow returns for refund because many purchasers have proven to be purchasing holsters with the intent to wear them, test them, and then return them. The holsters then cannot be sold as new to another customer and we lose the value of the holster as well as credit card fees and shipping expenses. In the case of a defective holster, replacement or credit is given, but refunds are not given due to customers who purposely damage holsters in order to claim justification for return. If you have questions about returns or special circumstances, please contact us for more information.

Please be aware that leather is a natural material. Expect to see natural variations in color between different pieces of leather, or even between different areas of the same piece of leather due to spots and scars from when the animal was living. You will also see variation in the surface textures that are normal in all leather products.

Superficial wear of the leather finish, discoloration from certain types of clothing, dirt, liquids, solvents or sweat, and creases and forming more tightly around the pistol are all normal wear for leather holsters and should not be considered unusual, as some or all of these can occur over time. Cosmetic wear is not grounds for return or replacement. The warranty only covers defects in the holster itself that cause functional failure of the holster. You should expect a holster that is used to show the use. This natural wear will not affect the functionality or life of the holster at all.

All Front Line holsters, like all quality holsters, are designed to be worn with a leather belt specifically designed for the carry of holsters. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the holster is used with the appropriate belt. We recommend a quality leather belt that is specifically designed for the carry of a pistol. We do not recommend web belts (including some labeled "rigger's" or instructor's" belts), cloth belts, braided belts, or leather belts not specifically designed for use with a holster. A quality holster belt like those made by Front Line will maintain its structure and usability for 25 years under normal use. We consider a holster belt to be as necessary as a holster for carrying a pistol. 

7.62 Precision is not responsible for the failure of any Front Line holster to work correctly with any specific belt. It is the customer's responsibility to find a belt that will work with the holster. Failure of any particular belt to support or fit a particular holster will not be considered grounds for the return of the holster.

Any customer who disassembles or alters a holster in any way voids the warranty and may not return the holster for any reason.


Privacy Policy:

7.62 Precision values our customer’s privacy. We do not sell, share or otherwise disclose any customer information.