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Clean, intuitive, sniper stock designed for use on the Israeli military’s SR25 Sniper rifles.

Also for M110 sniper rifles, Mk12, M16/AR-15, many .50 BMG rifles, and any other rifle that uses an M16 style stock.

Ultimate sniper, varmint, and benchrest stock for the AR-15 or AR-10 platform.

Adjustable cheekpiece with 8 height positions.

Quick release adjustable monopod deploys instantly to desired height with touch of a button.

Fine and extra-fine elevation adjustment, up to 6.5” of height.

MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite, steel hardware, rubber buttpad.

Push-button operation.

Also available as a kit with the buffer, spring, and tube included - click here.

Weight          1 lb,  3.4 oz.   (550 gr)
Width            1.5"     (38 mm)
Height           6.1"     (154 mm)
Length          11.6"    (295 mm
Height (open / deployed)       14.5"   (368 mm)

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