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This spring-loaded thumb-break system provides a comfortable draw.
A locking bridge is positioned securely behind the back of the slide.
A simple touch of your thumb activates the system, causing the locking bridge to automatically spring clear of the pistol. This system is lightning fast, intuitive, and
completely reliable.

When the weapon is not in use, the retention system provides complete protection by locking it in the holster.

KNG (Kydex New Generation) is an advanced multi-layer material developed by Front Line for use in tactical, law enforcement, and carry holsters. The outside layer is a light but sturdy Kydex. The next layer is a durable Cordura. The third layer is a molded PVC that fits the shape of the weapon perfectly. Beneath this is a layer of firm polyethylene for extra protection against impacts. The inner layer is a smooth, waterproof velvet that offers the best possible protection for the finish of your pistol. The layers are tastefully molded and assembled for a stitched leather look. With your new KNG holster, holster wear will be a thing of the past. This holster is a must for anyone with a pistol that has a softer melonite type finish, such as Glocks and Springfield XDs. Frontline KNG holsters offer all the benefits of Kydex holsters combined with the best available fit and protection for you firearm.

Like fine leather holsters, KNG holsters require a break-in to mold themselves perfectly to your pistol.


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5" 1911 Beretta M9   Beretta 92   Beretta 96 HK USP Sig P220   Sig P226   Sig Mosquito 
Glock 19  Glock 23  Glock 25  Glock 32  Glock 36    Glock 38 Glock 20  Glock 21
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