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A streamlined concealment holster, which is attached to the user's belt with a steel spring clip.

Front Line, the premier manufacturer of holsters in Israel, manufactures the holsters used by Israeli military and law enforcement. Working with the Israeli Defense Force, Front Line has developed and refined the most effective holster designs and materials. These holsters have been proven in actual combat and law enforcement use in one of the most demanding environments in the world. These holsters have been tested and approved by the professionals they were designed for - Israeli soldiers, special ops units, and professional law enforcement. You may never breach a building to rescue hostages or infiltrate terrorist cells under deep cover, but you can rest assured that your holster has performed admirably in those situations. 

This classic range of Front-Line holsters is made from natural lubricated leather processed without synthetic additives. The cut, design, and hand-crafted finish of these famous holsters are the result of years of planning and experience. Every major gun make and model has a holster specially designed for it, and it alone.


FL3269 FL3269L FL3220 FL3296 FL3223 FL3223L FL3226 FL3226L FL3248 FL3214 FL3220L  FL3292   FL3292L
FL3206 FL3218 FL3240 FL3217 FL3210 FL3219 FL3279 FL3281 FL3229  FL32A3 FL3277 FL3214L FL3202
FL3232 FL3205 FL3222 FL3212 FL3247 FL3207 FL3287 FL32A1 FL3274 FL3275 FL32A8 FL3273 FL3270 FL3271 FL32A4
FL3245 FL32A5 FL3292 FL3294 FL3264 FL32A8X FL3225 FL3225L FL3218L FL3264L FL3217L FL3277L  FL32B6   FL32B6L
FL3201   FL3201L   FL32A3LFL3221   FL3221L   FL3234   FL3234L   FL3243   FL3243L  FL32A2   FL32A2L
Kahr Taurus Millenium  6" Revolver HK USP Compact Glock 26  Glock 27  Glock 28  Glock 33  Glock 39 5" 1911
Walther PP  Walther PPK   Walther PPK/S Browning Hi Power Glock 19  Glock 23  Glock 25  Glock 32  Glock 36   Glock 38
Sig P220   Sig P226    Sig Mosquito Glock 17  Glock 22  Glock 31 CZ 75 Glock 29  Glock 30 Glock 20   Glock 21 
Jericho (Baby Eagle) Full Size Steel Frame w/rails  S&W Sigma    S&W SD9VE    S&W SD40V Beretta Nano
Sig P238    Sig P938Beretta 81   Beretta 84   Beretta 85   Beretta 87  CZ SP01 FN FiveseveN (FN 5.7) HK USP Makarov
Sig Pro   SIG 2022Beretta PX4 Storm  CZ 2075 Rami Kimber Solo Ruger LCP Ruger SR9   Ruger SR40 Ruger LC9
S&W M&P ShieldSpringfield XD  Springfield XDm    HS 2000Springfield XD 3" Springfield XDs HK P2000
EAA Witness     Tanfoglio Walther PK380  Ruger LCR 4" S&W Revolver   4" 1911     Colt Commander
Beretta M9   Beretta 92   Beretta 96   HK P7   Sig P239   Sig P229   Sig P290    Bodyguard    Ruger LCR 
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very good

is very good

Holster Retention

Great custom leather holster. Very tight fit, but with a little Galco Draw-Ez, it was perfect!

Light, quick, easy to use

I got this as a quick on/off holster for unplanned trips to the store or on other errands where I didn't want to take the time to put on my other holster. The metal clip is very secure, and slips on and off the belt easily and quickly, which is exactly what I was hoping for. The holster's fit was a little tight when I first got it but after unloading my gun, putting it in the bag the holster came in and leaving it holstered with the bag between it and the leather it loosened up perfectly. Smooth to draw, but not tight enough that I have to fight it to get it out.

Quality, well made holster

The model is listed for both the Sig Sauer P238, and the P938. I have the P938, and it is slightly larger than the P238. I have the gun in the holster for a few days to stretch it. At first it would not even go into the holster without racking the slide. Looks like it will be a snug fit after a few days in the holster. Strong metal clip, should stay on the belt better than the cheap plastic one.

outstanding products

This is an outstanding product the second holster I have gotten from this company. It looks great, easy to wear, great retention. I am very happy with my purchase. I look forward to doing more business with them in the future.




Once again the service provided by 7.62 Precision was outstanding. Great company to work with. Very professional. The Front Line Holster is well designed and well made. The holster is perfect for my application.

Perfect fit for Sig Pro

Excellent fit for my Sig Pro 2022. Leather was a bit stiff, but a little massaging and working and it was all set. Rides good and conceals well.