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A special model that provides complete concealment of the pistol. Designed to be worn inside waistband under a tucked-in shirt.

Front Line, the premier manufacturer of holsters in Israel, manufactures the holsters used by Israeli military and law enforcement. Working with the Israeli Defense Force, Front Line has developed and refined the most effective holster designs and materials. These holsters have been proven in actual combat and law enforcement use in one of the most demanding environments in the world. These holsters have been tested and approved by the professionals they were designed for - Israeli soldiers, special ops units, and professional law enforcement. You may never breach a building to rescue hostages or infiltrate terrorist cells under deep cover, but you can rest assured that your holster has performed admirably in those situations. 

This classic range of Front-Line holsters is made from natural lubricated leather processed without synthetic additives. The cut, design, and hand-crafted finish of these famous holsters are the result of years of planning and experience. Every major gun make and model has a holster specially designed for it, and it alone.


FL3364 FL3364L FL3307 FL3305 FL3326 FL3326L FL3334 FL3334L FL3343 FL3329 FL3372 FL3372L
FL3305L FL3343L FL3329L FL33A7 FL33A7L FL3337 FL33A4 FL3325 FL3325L FL3320 FL3320L
FL3377 FL3377L FL33A4L FL3318 FL3318L FL3392 FL3392L FL3307L FL3324 FL3324L FL3303 FL3303L
FL3314 FL3314L FL33B6 FL33B6L
4" 1911   Colt Commander Beretta PX4 Storm FN FiveseveN (FN 5.7) Glock 26  Glock 27  Glock 28  Glock 33  Glock 39
Sig P239 Sig P229 S&W Sigma   S&W SD9VE   S&W SD40VE S&W M&P Bersa Thunder Sig P250 Springfield XDs
HK P2000 Taurus Millenium  Sig P238    Sig P938 Glock 19  Glock 23  Glock 25  Glock 32   Glock 36   Glock 38 Ruger LCR
Beretta PX4 Storm Ruger P85    Ruger P89 Beretta 70   Beretta 71 5" 1911S&W Bodyguard
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Repeat Purchase

This is the SECOND IWB holster I have bought and with GOOD reason, they fit , they work and they are well built. In my opinion you cant beat them.

Love the holster

Great holster that is comfortable to wear.

great product

this is a well made and designed product that fits my bersa like a glove and the holster feels right! thanks precision!

Very hidden - easy to use.

Quick delivery! This is my 4th IWB holster, and I finally have one that is truly hidden for concealed carry. The shirt tuck slot works very well. The J-hook is sturdy, secure, and as a surprise even straddles the pant belt loop for placement. Well made & high quality.

Great Fit

Received my holster in record time. The holster was is an excellent fit for my PX4 Storm Sub Compact. The extra length seems to provide stability/support for the short weapon. No snags when drawing/presenting weapon. When shirt tucked no printing. Great product.

Terrific holster

I really like this holster. I have a Springfield XDS 4 inch barrel and it fits perfectly. I was using a Galco King Tuk (which is a good holster), but was looking for something less bulky. This one is easy to arrange on your pants and belt and is less conspicuous. Because it is a tuck holster, the shirt covers it nicely. Also, the shipping time was very fast. Thank you 7.62 Precision for such great service and product.

Good holster; Great Service

The holster is what a holster should be. 7.62 sets the standard for customer service. Great Job!

Perfect for my Sig 250

A very nice leather holster that fits my Sig 250 subcompact with one inch recess for the barrel. Looks like it will also fit the compact version. Great customer service, fast delivery and best price for a quality tuckable.