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The new KPOS Generation 2 PDW Conversion - Turn your Handgun into a Rock Solid Personal Defense Weapon with the new and upgraded KPOS G2

Frame is One Solid Piece of Aluminum 6061, T6 Anodized

Sleek Design - Easy to Conceal - a Must for Undercover Units and Personnel

Simple Charging- Similar to AR15 Style Handle
This makes it Ambidextrous.

Charging/Cocking Mechanism is Built into the Frame

No Special Assembly or Handgun Modification Whatsoever

Quick Installation

Assembly Does Not Require Laying Down on a Table, May Assemble in Hands

Folding Stock Easily Adjusts - Angled and Height Adjustable to Allow Perfect fit for Mounted Sights

Foldable Feature Incorporates a Rubber Butt Pad

Full Length Upper Rail

Side Rails are One Piece with the Lower Rail and Cannot be Removed, Making it More Solid and Accurate

Back Holding Plate (spring box) Can Not Be Removed from the Frame (prevents loss)

Front Flash Hider is Removable for Silencer/Suppressor- Assembles with Only One Bolt

Weighs less than any other conversion on the market.

Disclaimer : If you own a host pistol and buy this product, your pistol will become
a short-barreled rifle. You must first register your pistol with the ATFE using ATFE Form 1.

Compatible with Sig Pro (2022)

Weight        2 pounds, 1.9 ounces  (960 gr)
Width          2.3"      (59 mm)
Height         5.7"      (146 mm)
Length        14.6"    (370 mm)
Length (open / deployed)        23.54"    (598 mm)

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