Front Line Holsters are among the finest in the world. With holsters designs ranging from classic leather styles to models featuring innovative retention systems and cutting edge materials, Front Line manufactures the ideal holster for any shooter’s specific needs. Designed in cooperation with the Israeli Defense Forces, these holsters clearly benefit from front line experience. Several generations of Israeli soldiers, special operations troops, law enforcement personnel, and civilians have used and trusted Front Line holsters.


We are proud to do our part to introduce these fine holsters to soldiers, police, and shooters in the United States.


These are the holsters that we use every day.



Front Line is the premier holster manufacturer in Israel. Front Line works closely with the Israeli Defense Forces, law enforcement, and special operations units to design, test, and refine its holster designs. The result is combat-proven holster designs built from cutting-edge materials and featuring unique, intuitive  retention systems. These are the holsters trusted by the most serious users in Israel and now around the world.

The purpose of this site is to provide information about these excellent holsters to shooters in the United States. The opinions and information found on these pages is offered by 7.62 Precision and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Front Line.

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From Front Line’s general manager:

Born in Action. Designed to Survive.

Life in Israel is lived on the front line. This inescapable reality, combined with ongoing operational experience, inspired the FRONT LINE holster series.

Ever since it was established back in 1961, the company has manufactured a premier range of products, continually upgraded on the basis of combat experience, to meet the stringent requirements of Special Operations Units, The Secret Service and the Israeli Defense Forces. These long years of commitment and experience are expressed in the wide and detailed selection of products, manufactured from a variety of materials like Kydex¨, Cordura, Nylon and Leather, and their combinations.

Among our customers are the Israel national Police and the Israeli Defense Forces, the national Prison Service and other security and law enforcement agencies, as well as similar customers worldwide. 

We believe that you will find here what you have been lookeing for, whether you need a Tactical holster, Duty or concealment model – we offer them all – as an on-belt/BFL wearing, Low-Ride or on a Tactical Plate, while you control the location and angle to meet your needs. Choose the new HDL™ system, the SR™, PDS™ lock or any other model from our line.

This is the best home you can choose for your weapon.

FRONT LINE, the name says it all! We are at the front line, the cutting edge of our industry. Our products were born in action, designed for users living on the FRONT LINE.